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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


We love androgyny here at Arteecollage. For us nothing quite stirs intrigue than a beautiful mix of feminine qualities juxtaposed against boyish attire. If you concur then we have some fab news – this week’s blog post theme for Lucia Cabanova explores how to channel boyish charm but with a feminine twist using our collection. Here she showcases our work with artist Paul Engeris and uses her unique styling tips to guide us on how to complete the androgynous look.

‘Designer Collaboration’, by Lucia Cabanova 

Lately there have been more and more collaborations between fashion designers and visual artists, and the fairly new London-based online brand Arteecollage is no exception.  The ethical urban-chic brand that creates functional, basic and versatile apparel has recently connected with graphic designer Paul Engeris to create a digitally printed collection of T-shirts and leggings.

Arteecollage aims to create staple garments that can easily be combined with different pieces of clothing to create a variety of looks. The brand uses luxury and innovative materials such as Modal, a type of rayon which is highly absorbent and resistant to shrinkage with a silk-like quality. In addition, the brand has become involved with various fashion bloggers that talk about their personal experience with one of Arteecollage’s current garments every week. This is a great way for customers to understand that although the collections might seem simple, there is a number of ways to create stylish and exciting looks with them.
For their latest and in fact first partnership, Paul Engeris created complex and surrealistic drawings that were inspired by mythology and then transferred onto Arteecollage’s basic T-shirts and leggings. The ‘rampant scribbles of a subversive subconscious’, as the artist describes himself, are entirely created by ink and are a result of his lucid imagination. This particular collaboration certainly adds an edge to Arteecollage’s products that can seem quite simple at first glance.

Although the graphic scribbles only appear on men’s T-shirts, they can without difficulty be worn by women who like to add an effortlessly loose fit into their personal wardrobe. I for instance have bought my Mythology V-neck Tee in the smallest men’s size and I really like the easy going look! My favorite way to wear this particular graphic tee is with a pair of denim shorts over some dark green tights and a stylish pair of black wedges. I never forget to wear an oversized cardigan these days, as it’s getting pretty cold out there! Why not try one with a studded shoulder detail to add some rock to the look?
If you like this week’s look or want to create your own personal one, please visit the Arteecollage official store where you can get one of the Mythical Tee’s for only £14.40, as it’s on sale right now or you can bid on it on Ebay for an even more interesting price!

This is just the beginning of the artistic journey that Arteecollage has embarked on, so we should absolutely be keeping an eye out for what might emerge next. Rumor has it that the result of their following collaboration should appear sometime around London’s next Fashion week, however it is advised to check their Facebook page regularly to stay up to date about their upcoming events around the city and online!

- L.C.

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