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Thursday, 31 January 2013


Men's graphic tee shirt arteecollage grey v-neck tattoo
“An Arteecollage Valentine’s Day”, by Kirsten Ferguson 

If you’ve somehow managed to forget that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner then where have you been? Already most shops have a huge banner in the window or fake roses at the till by now! I think this is the worst time of year, not for the singletons, but for the guys who have the pressure of taking a girl out. Not only have they got to choose what to do and where to go but also what to wear. Thankfully Arteecollage, and their cool graphic tee shirts, is on hand to help!

The Arteecollage Tattoo V-neck T-Shirt is a good place to start. Not only is it comfortable but theretro style t-shirt also features a unique, hand-drawn print from artist Paul Engeris – adding an interesting dynamic to the look. Although you want to be comfortable, you don’t want to look too casual. To prevent any risk of this, add a black blazer from H&M to the style. At a rather reasonable price of £29.99 as it’s really more of an investment piece and staple for your wardrobe essentials. Having one button done-up or leaving the blazer open keeps the look smart casual, without it being too formal.
Men's graphic arteecolllage grey tattoo print tee
The next step is these ace Monkee Classic Skinny Jeans from Topman that are more casual than suit trousers but the dark blue keeps them smarter than your every day wear. Although £60 is quite steep, similar to the blazer, the classic design of the jeans mean they will be an investment that can be worn again and again! 

Finally, these brogues from ASOS with leather soles complete the dapper look. The suede leather makes them a little more special than your average brogue and together with the rest of the outfit, will get your date off to a great start!

Happy wooing, chaps!

- Kirsten Ferguson

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