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Thursday, 31 January 2013


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‘Resident Blogger: Fashion Fit With Arteecollage’, by Kirsten Ferguson 

I’ve been contemplating going to the gym since the start of January but as yet, have done nothing about it. This is due to a busy time with work and university but also because I have nothing to wear. I’m pretty sure if I could find some great sports tops and trousers which made me look and feel good, I would be much more likely to go on a regular basis! Aside from the necessities – a good sports bra and proper trainers – you can pretty much wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

In order to boost my chances of going, I’ve opted for buying a new gym wardrobe which includes this Arteecollage Racer Back Tank top in white. Because it’s made from Modal fabric, I know it’s going to be gentle on my skin while I’m not so gentle on the treadmill! As it is slim fit I opted to buy it in a bigger size for optimum movement and at £7.50 it’s not going to break the bank, which is rare since the quality is great.
arteecollage white tank modal top
H&M are doing some great sportswear at the moment so I purchased three-quarter length running tights for £19.99. They are made from breathable fabric and the tights also feature ventilation behind the knees which helps to keep my skin cool and dry. Now for the fun part – trainers. There is so much selection to suit not only different fitness needs, but also different styles! I’ve opted for Nike In season TR ladies trainers from Sports direct for £37.99 which I thought was a reasonable price for good quality, beneficial trainers.

Finally, underneath my Arteecollage racer tank top is a Supernova sports bra from Adidas. Again, like the trainers, it is vital for us ladies to invest in order to have the right support! The fabric removes any trace of sweat and the cross straps in the back, as well as the square neck, add extra support.

I can’t wait to try out my new gym outfit and am now raring to go because the sheer comfort of all these elements mean you don’t need to sacrifice your style when working up a sweat!

- Kirsten

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