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Friday, 30 November 2012



The weekend is within breathing distance from us so, naturally, we’re already planning outfits for the many activities that lay ahead.  But with such a variety of  plans, things can get slightly tricky when in need of an outfit that’ll work from am to pm. 

Whether you’re spending the first half of your saturday watching football from your sofa, or just visiting the fam before heading out for a pint in the evening, our versatile men’s graphic tee shirts are so, well versatile, that they can be transformed with just the addition of a simple, few accessories.

Because we love you readers nearly this <  _____________________> much (but probably more), we’ve put together this casual, cool look to coax you through whatever you’ve got planned for this imminent period of fun and relaxation. As part of our collection of graphic T-shirts, this righteous design that we’ve selected features a retro tattoo print by contemporary artist Paul Engeris. In a slightly oversized fit, the short-sleeved grey and black print T-shirt is positively ideal for updating your weekend wardrobe.
Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 16.30.37
For a modern twist, we’ve layered this Arteecollage soft cotton tee under a black tailored blazer and added patent chelsea boots and black grey fitted jeans. With the addition of a leather bracelet and cuff, you’re ready to don this stylishly casual look.

Whatever you opt to do, one thing that’s certain is that the super soft, 100% cotton qualities of this printed tee will make for a supple edition to your weekend wardrobe. Plus, this old gem is now in the Amazon sale with 75% off! Aces.

Men’s printed tee shirt, Arteecollage, £5 (75% off in the sale) 
Black Men’s Blazer, Mr Porter
Black, Grey Jeans, Mr Porter
Patent Chelsea Boots, ASOS
Bag, Burton
Accessories, ASOS


We’ve all been victims of poor dressing as a result of a spectacular hangover. But here is where that all too frequent nightmare ends, particularly for you students who have a tendency to, ahem, rave on a school night. Hear how to achieve daytime chic without all the unnecessary effort straight from a hungover student’s mouth.

‘Uni Days’, by Emma Salter

After a heavy partying session last night, figuring out what to wear for a 9am lecture was the last thing I needed to mull over this morning. In an ideal world I would much rather walk into uni in my cosy Sesame Street pyjama’s, but heck I’m no longer a dewy-eyed, opportunist first year.

Being a third year student about to step into the real world, I have to dress to impress. So earlier today I searched for the quick and easy fix in my wardrobe that is the legendary leggings and basic top combo and team it with a few cool accessories for a chic alternative to comfort dressing.

Military jacket
£28 – fashionunion.com
Arteecollage black leggings
amazon.co.uk £12
Converse shoes
£40 – debenhams.com
Box chain necklace
£14 topshop.com
H m
£7.99 – hm.com
Womens Arteecollage Urban Casual T Shirts Smart Chic Exceptional…
£9.50 – amazon.co.uk

Black leggings are the saviour of all simple and easy dressing – they literally go with anything, and these modal, silky feel leggings from Arteecollage are my favourite. They are comfortable and the texture makes them elegant, chic and with a luxurious feel. But the trick with leggings is you need to be weary of the unwritten rule: never  wear a t-shirt that doesn’t cover your bum. No one, and I repeat no one, wants to see your VPL! So I’ve taken the safe route with this Arteecollage casual tee, which has a laid-back style that’s ideal for everyday outfits. The off-grey colour compliments my skin tone and the soft modal fabric makes it stretchable enough to cover my derrière.

To accentuate the soft neutral hues in this top I’ve accessorised with my box chain cross necklace from Topshop. The rosary bead style gives that extra edge. It’s also getting chillier as the weeks drag on towards Christmas so I’m never without my trusty camo jacket from Fashion Union. The heavyweight style bulks up my outfit and keeps me warm in winter. For added warmth I look to my faux fur stole from H&M. The two textures are very different but somehow work really well in the winter months, a bonus is also that faux fur never goes out of fashion! When it comes to off-duty, casual dressing, I have no trouble deciding which shoes to wear: my the reliable converses that will get me to uni in a flash!
The centre piece of today’s outfit is this urban casual top that’s extremely flattering, which means I can wear it with almost everything as it’s so simple. With Arteecollage apparel it’s easy to look chic when you’re in a rush and when you want something casual to help cure your hangover. This everyday look can be reinvigorated with different colours and this top comes in a range of colours to suit your style.
See the Arteecollage website for more styles and colours.

If you want to recreate my outfit for less, check out Arteecollages‘ Amazon sale which still has some amazing pieces available for super cheap! Many modal dresses, tops and trousers are 50% off! Prices start from just £6.50.

- Emma Salter


London is arguably one of the front-runners of innovative street art, but for a while now there has been a new UK city that has been evolving its creativity so much so that it may soon steal LDN’s crown.
What’s so enchanting about Bristol’s street art scene is its extremely diverse quality that’s at the helm of many talented street artists who are constantly curating images of wonder upon any available space. Search the web and you’ll be bombarded with a catalogue of past and present work in photograph form.
As the city’s collection of inspiring work continues to grow, a unique visualisation of Bristol street art emerges. Bristol’s street art is so prolific that they even have their own festival. For the past couple of years in the summer, the ‘Seen No Evil’ street art bonanza takes over the city.
Internationally renowned artists take charge of the walls on Nelson Street, and with permission of each building’s owners, drab areas of the city is transformed with several hundred licks of paint. Indeed, for a while now, this enchanting street artwork has been the city’s best-kept secret. Until now…
From next month there will be a series of Bristol Street Art Walking Tours taking place all over the city and you can get involved too! If you fancy being shown the incredible sites then simply check out the website to book tickets to their December events: http://www.wherethewall.com/bristol-street-art-walking-tours
Bristol Street Art Walking Tours:
Walk dates - 01/12/2012
Walk dates - 08/12/2012

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


This week our resident blogger Emma Salter gives us a lesson in swift dressing for the office Christmas party whilst getting the silhouette you’ve always wanted by working this figure-hugging dress. With her useful tips on how to adapt your Arteecollage dress from day to night, you’ll no longer fear the squabbles and queues in order to  elbow your way through the women’s loos to transform your look. As ever, let Arteecollage be your saviour. 

Arteecollage: Opulent Glam’, by Emma Salter 

Ocean blue sleeveless modal dress : Arteecollage (via amazon) £18 (sale price)
Basic ankle strap heels,  Zara  
Hammered gold necklace, Wallis 

With the Christmas party season shortly arising, never have I needed a versatile dress to take me from daytime chic to evening wear with the change of just a few accessories.  For my Christmas shindig I’ll be wearing my Arteecollage urban contemporary dress with some killer heels. With its amazing ocean blue colour, extra mini length and sleeveless style, it makes for the ideal ‘laidback chic’ dress that I can make my own through using quirky accessories.

This luxe look dress is an amazing bargain at £18 (reduced by 50%) via the Arteecollage Amazon site,which has become a favourite in my shopping list. What’s so great about this dress is that it can be as versatile as you need, as well as having a great night out in, it’s a perfect garment to layer with black leggings for that ‘smart chic’ look once the partying has died down. Because of the dress’s exceptional quality modal fabric, it brings my figure to life and leaves me feeling confident upon each wear. The material shows off my curves and works in all the right places! Which is something I’ve found to be rare with your average high street party dress.

The luxurious silk qualities of this dress offer comfort, is kind to my sensitive skin, and generates warmth in these winter months. The fabric is an absolute revelation because although the thought of going out in the middle of November makes me go all giddy inside, knowing this dress is going to keep my best bits warm means I can leave the house safe in the knowledge that I won’t wake up with a dreadful cold!
This bodycon dress is extremely flattering, which means it didn’t need much accessorising because it is so elegantly simple. I decided to combine this dress with my hammered gold torq effect necklace from Wallis. This necklace is quite chunky and short which does wonders for my outfit as it doesn’t draw attention away from the dress but keeps me looking glamorous.

I am forever searching the high street for luxury, long lasting heels but never have any luck. But as soon as I saw these basic ankle strap heels in Zara, you couldn’t take them off me! They go with absolutely everything and are a great addition to this already perfect dress.

Now my outfit is done, I pay attention to my best feature: my eyes! To match this cool, relaxed outfit, I’m using the smokey eye technique as it is a style that always seems contemporary. The mix of neutral tones in my outfit makes me the glammest at the ball, (or Vodka Revolution in my case)

If you want to re-create my outfit, go check out Arteecollages‘ Amazon sale which still has some amazing pieces available! Many modal dresses, tops and trousers are 50% off! And prices start from just £6.50. GO!

For more blog posts from Emma, check out her blog here.


It’s been a while since Two Door Cinema Club have been remixed to such impeccable calibre like what lays before you in just a few clicks. The Northern Irish trio’s new material proves to make for a versatile platform for reinterpretations with this Alex Metric version.

Their second album Beacon, which was released in August this year, is allegedly influenced by their love of Drake and Kanye West, albeit there is little evidence supporting this due to their excess of jaunty, brass tracks. Particularly in ‘Sun’, their sonic is seemingly more cotton candy than 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’.

But with the musical aid of DJ Alex Metric, ‘Sun’ has been twisted into various shapes, and with a ramped up BPM, we’re totally digging the energised version.  Instead of trying to force the track to the dance floor, Metric manages to embellish the rhythms and vocals with lashings of twinkling synths and percussion, which lends enough force to morph the track into a piece of jubilant indie electro.

‘Sun’ is released via Kitsuné on 19 November.


One of our consistently favorite places to source some style inspiration is the impeccably cool street style blog by Vanessa Jackman. A wonderfully talented photographer, Vanessa has a unique eye for spotting great style that’s often effortless and overwhelmingly covetable. As well as showcasing editors and models, but she also has an uncanny ability to capture supremely dressed passersby.

The above image of a casually sporty but chic model particularly caught our eye this morning. We have been ogling over this offbeat, urban sports luxe vibe all morning and so we just had to show you this ingenious combo.

And if you dig this style as much as us then why not achieve the look at a fraction of the effort and cost? Simply click below to access our outlet.
Achieve the look here


We love hearing about the new and creative ways you ace customers wear our collection of cool graphic tees. Not just for men, our range also fit women impeccably as a boyfriend tee. The loose, comfort fit lends a new dynamic to nonchalant chic to a contemporary wardrobe and here’s the proof, courtesy of our lovely resident blogger Sophie Mayanne.

‘Get Arty with Arteecollage’, by Sophie Mayanne 

As an artistic individual I’m continually inspired by the world around me – events, music, arts and culture, but my inspiration is primarily fuelled by the world of fashion – the new and innovative designs that clothing outlets, fashion brands and designers create on a daily basis.

Recently, something new – something I could not resist – caught my eye: the Arteecollage Graphic Tee.
A collection of soft, neutral colours infused into a graphic illustration, detailed and beautiful in its design, this t-shirt has the capacity to reflect any creative personality or individual. Universal and versatile, this Arteecollage printed T-shirt offers a multitude of styling opportunities.

I personally choose to wear my t-shirt on a Sunday because, being made of modal fabric, the t-shirt offers comfort and ease for long-day visits to galleries or submerging myself in my artwork.

But don’t fret if you don’t define yourself as artistic because, styled alongside Arteecollage’s modal leggings and a pair of high tops, you’ve hit that perfect urban street-chic.  Alternatively, for a more polished look, combine the t-shirt with a high-waisted skirt or tailored shorts for the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your individual style at work whilst still adhering to rules.

Arteecollage add new designers to their collection frequently, and have even recently offered the chance for the public to design a new graphic t-shirt – the designs are sure to be must have items in your wardrobe.
An added initiative to buy the Arteecollage graphic tee is the fact it sells from £9.50 – a wallet friendly price. So get arty with Arteecollage and inspire your wardrobe, yourself and the world around you with an Arteecollage printed tee!

- Sophie Mayanne
To view the rest of Sophie’s blog, click here

Monday, 12 November 2012


For Jessie Ware, “If You Love Me” is a return to the roots of her career by teaming up with burgeoning producers. This collaboration with Japanese teenagers BenZel is a cover of a song by 1990s R&B group Brownstone. The track, of the same name as the original, has been reworked with a jittery beat that resembles those iconic Ware tones that are oh so evident in SBTRKT’s debut album.

Here Ware is the driving force of the track and this version pushes Ware’s commanding vocal to the forefront, instead of focusing on harmonies. This is the winning, soulful combination that we have grown to love from Miss Ware and is the chief reason as to why she should have won that Mercury award earlier this month.
The video is kaleidoscopic, featuring conflicting colours with vibrancy of many shades. Indeed we’re so enraptured by the morphing colours that we cannot help but get inspired by these graphics as designs for our next collection of graphic tees!

Enjoy the listen.


For those akin to us who are battling with their wardrobes each morning to dress according to the outrageously chillier climate, then look no further than Arteecollage’s resident clothing Agony Aunt. Each week Emma Salter, of the blog Miss Baigent, will be sharing her tips on how to look hotter than a lit fireplace on Christmas Eve. With the aid of Arteecollage’s basic apparel range the possibilites of a chic aesthetic are endless so take a peek at this week’s instalment. 

‘Arteecollage: Urban Style’, by Emma Salter 


Long white leggings with artist detail: Arteecollage (via amazon) £10 sale
TIMELESS black suede boots: Pret-a-Beaute £34
Mac Pink Lipstick: £16.50
Hive and Honey chain necklace: piperlime.gap.com £24
Animal print top: Buckle.com £11 (Available now)

Today I’m wearing my favourite animal print top from Buckle.com that was an amazing bargain at £11. It goes great with my long white Arteecollage urban leggings which I got at an even better price on theirAmazon website for a crazy £10! What’s so great about these printed leggings is that they are affordable for such a high quality Modal fabric. The material of these leggings also sculpts my physique in a soft, non-irritable way, which is perfect for my sensitive skin.

The durability of the leggings is top notch too, so much so that the garment’s colour and quality sustains for up to 400 washes! Not only do these leggings look great but they also adapt to the seasons by being naturally cool in the summer and by generating warmth in the winter. This is all ideal seeing as Autumn is coming to an end and my legs that are getting colder.

I’ve teamed this outfit with my new suede boots from Pret-a-Beatue, they were a steal at £34 and can turn every outfit casual to smart! No outfit is complete without a bit of accessories, and this Hive and Honey long chain necklace completes my outfit. It’s a bit pricey at £24 but it’s gold tone and extra long length means it can be worn with just about anything.
These urban chic white leggings from Arteecollage are the perfect staple to this outfit, a garment so simple but with an artistic feature that can be compared to no other kind of legging. This beautiful artwork featured on the right leg is by contemporary artist Paul Engeris and adds a definitive urban edge to the outfit. It’s surrealistic approach and colours make it easy to co-ordinate with the rest of my wardrobe. The modal fabric is what lures me in every time. Arteecollage’s basic range uses the luxurious fabric in most of its designs, making it a staple you want in your wardrobe! Nothing compares to its elegantly simplistic touch.

If you’re enjoying the blog then don’t forget to check Facebook and follow Arteecollage on Twitter for up-coming new events and garments that they have to offer. Also if you fancy bagging yourself a bargain, head over to their Amazon site and fill up your basket!

For additional insights into Paul Engeris’ art work then please see his webite: www.paulengeris.com 

- Emma Salter, of Miss Baigent blog fame


What? Tim Walker: Story TellerWhere? Somerset House, LondonWhen? Daily 10.00 – 18.00

Tim Walker is arguably one of the most visually striking and imaginative fashion photographers working and influencing the industry today. Extravagant in scale and ambition and instantly recognisable for eye-opening originality, Walker’s photographs dazzle with life, vibrancy, originality and humour. He has photographed the past four collections for Mulberry and you can’t flick through an edition of Vogue, Vanity Fair and W, among many others, without seeing evidence of his creativity.

Walker’s iconic photographs provide the focus of an exhibition at Somerset House. Everything in Walker’s pictures is specially constructed and his photo shoots consistently resemble a film set. They have sweetness to them; yet feel as though they have been teleported directly from a whimsical ideology.

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of events that feature many of Tim Walker’s long-time collaborators and uncover the influences and stories behind his work. Also, as part of the exhibition there will be workshops offering visitors the opportunity to work with some of the set designers and prop builders who have worked with Tim Walker, as well as this there will also be talks and screenings of a series of films curated by Tim Walker.
What? Electric Minds with Jackmaster and Ben UFO (b2b all night)Where? Studio Spaces, East LondonWhen? 10th November

Electric Minds welcomes Numbers’ Jackmaster & Hessle Audio’s Ben UFO for an all night B2B session this Saturday.

As well as being the co-founder of Numbers, Jackmaster is one hell of a DJ. He is a man who lives to play records for people and his eclectic sets skip through everything, embracing guilty pleasures and forgotten classics in the same breath as unreleased dubplate heaters.

Jackmaster will be joined by fellow Numbers’ member Ben UFO, whose commitment to dance music has advanced his reputation in the realms of forward-thinking music. Tonight at Studio Spaces will be a rare opportunity to see these DJ’s play together within such an intimate setting.
What? Red or Dead 30th anniversary exhibitionWhere? The Dray Walk Gallery, The Old Truman Brewery, Dray Walk, E1 6QLWhen? This weekend, 9-11  November

An exhibition celebrating Red or Dead’s 30th anniversary opens today at The Dray Walk Gallery at the Old Truman Brewary. The exhibition celebrates the anarchic brand and all of its attitude and creativity.

The label, started by Wayne Hemingway and his wife, Geraldine, began with one stall on Saturdays in Camden Market. Soon, there were sixteen stalls – and three Street Style Designer of the Year awards from the British Fashion Council alongside a coveted spot at London Fashion Week. Needless to say that their punk legacy is iconic. The exhibition showcases archive imagery of the playful variety, as well as exploring Red or Dead’s anarchic impact on British fashion during a time of Cool Britannia.

Red or Dead: 30 Years of Eclectic British Fashion runs from 9th-11th November at The Dray Walk Gallery, The Old Truman Brewery, Dray Walk, E1 6QL
What? No Man’s Land Project: Remembrance Sunday PerformancesWhere? London TubesWhen? 11th  November

Directly after the two-minute silence on Remembrance Sunday, specially commissioned music and poetry performances will begin at 10 London Underground stations.

The No Man’s Land project has been in development for seven months and explores how European societies of 1912 walked blindly into the Great War of 1914-18, taking much of the world with them.”
Performances will take place at Angel, Charing Cross, Embankment, Green Park, Knightsbridge, London Bridge, Piccadilly, St Paul’s and Waterloo and will last 53 minutes, till midday. The artists will then converge on Waterloo to join the sculptures and see what happens when they all get together.

View the sculptures at Waterloo between 10.30am-2pm. Witness the performances after the two-minute silence at 11.03 until noon. Find out more.

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Christmas Party Chic

Tis’ the season for Christmas parties!

Here’s an option to dress for the festive era. Available in a muted grey, this bodycon modal mini dress from Arteecollage’s simplistic apparel range features a batwing-draped sleeve. The details on this plain grey dress also include a slim fit, long flowing sleeves, stretch material and our subtle eagle logo.

Combine this simplistic dress with a classic Chanel quilted bag, a glittery tailored jacket and some killer ankle boots. The chunky heel makes walking on potentially icy ground even easier!


If you’ve been under a rock this week, or rather too busy with Halloween and bonfire soirees, then you may have missed this track which seemingly burst onto the scenes in the past few days. The track in question is a Four Tet remix made by the crafty hands of Jamie XX.

Here the talented producer overhauls “Lion”, which is one of the undeniable highlights from Four Tet’s new ‘Pink’ album. The track’s menacing tones are transformed and shortened, crafting multidimensional sonic filled with intriguing soundscapes and layered with warm chords and keys.

Listen below and prepare for some ultra subterranean bass.


Inspired by London’s cosmopolitan and diverse culture, we bring silky, modal T-shirts with a contemporary feel.
An eclectic mix of fine art and street art inspired our printed collection of graphic mens tees. All of the designs are digitally printed and created by artist Paul Engeris.

SHOP NOW on our new Outlet page


We’ve been long admirers of the ethereal, gothic and yet somehow accessible style of Florence Welch. Since she burst onto our airwaves in 2008 we soon learnt that the flame-haired, fair-skinned beauty is something of an assorted fashion plate.

Her diverse wardrobe, that fuses vintage gems with abstract designer and high street items that you’d never assume to be affordable, keeps us almost as immersed in her visual appeal as we are in her commanding vocals.

For those who are as enraptured by the eclectic singer songwriter as we are then check out our simple tips for channelling her idiosyncratic aesthetic – covering her look from head to toe.


If you’re not naturally of the red-haired variety and fancy a total transformation then pick up a packet ofSchwarzkopf Live XXL Colour Intense in Red Passion R43 (RRP £3.99). It’s a temporary colour and so great for easily testing the striking look. Florence keeps her hair tousled so curl loosely and then leave long and back brush for some added volume.

Strive for an au naturale look where less is more. Florence is famed for her porcelain skin and so opt for a light foundation such as Clinique’s Calming Alabaster as it does not block the pores. Add a bit of blush to make your cheeks pop and finish the look with a bright red lipstick to draw focus. Chanel’s Rouge CocoShine Hydrating sheer lipstick in Rebelle is a classic. Also, if you’re feeling daring and aiming to be less au naturale, add some gold glitter around the eyes for extra pizzazz.

Embrace your inner bohemian like Florence and opt for a batwing-sleeved dress from Arteecollage to achieve 70s flare but with a versatile edge. With flowing sleeves and a scoop neckline, this grey bodycon dress is Florence at her finest. The classic structure means you can wear this dress repeatedly throughout all the seasons and at only £17 in our Amazon sale, the dress is an absolute steal.

Visit our website to get the dress in grey. Many of Florence’s ensembles include layering as well as flowed dresses, so if you’d like to add another dynamic to your outfit then combine an Arteecollageflowing batwing black top with some high-waisted leather, black shorts like below.

A long, simple silver chain necklace will accentuate the Arteecollage dress well. Alternatively, add metallic rings and an embroidered box clutch. Second-hand charity and vintage stores are also great places to search for items that symbolise Flo’s style so don’t be afraid to get thrifty. Finally, finish off the look with a floppy-brimmed fedora hat for the ultimate in Boho Chic. For the feet wear some casual, laidback buckled ankle boots for a contrasting effect.

It’s best not to over accessorize so when channelling Flo, remember Coco Chanel’s famed quote: “When accessorising always take off the last thing you put on.”
If you fancy sharing your ideas for achieving the Flo look then do so in the comments section below. Please also share this with your pals on Twitter and/or Facebook!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of celebrity ‘Get The Looks’!

- Caroline Jackson