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Monday, 12 November 2012


For Jessie Ware, “If You Love Me” is a return to the roots of her career by teaming up with burgeoning producers. This collaboration with Japanese teenagers BenZel is a cover of a song by 1990s R&B group Brownstone. The track, of the same name as the original, has been reworked with a jittery beat that resembles those iconic Ware tones that are oh so evident in SBTRKT’s debut album.

Here Ware is the driving force of the track and this version pushes Ware’s commanding vocal to the forefront, instead of focusing on harmonies. This is the winning, soulful combination that we have grown to love from Miss Ware and is the chief reason as to why she should have won that Mercury award earlier this month.
The video is kaleidoscopic, featuring conflicting colours with vibrancy of many shades. Indeed we’re so enraptured by the morphing colours that we cannot help but get inspired by these graphics as designs for our next collection of graphic tees!

Enjoy the listen.

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