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Thursday, 17 January 2013


katy b jessie ware
A spiritual tribute to the much loved and much remixed Aaliyah, this transfixing new track from Katy B and Jessie Ware far exceeds the usual expectations of a producer’s ability to reinterpret Aaliyah’s archive of iconic R&B. Mixing things up a tad, here the Aaliyah which the pair croon over is not the actual legendary singer, but another girl on the dancefloor, one whose emanating an aura so magnetic that she’s transfixing everyone around her.

What the track does so blissfully is reference Aaliyah’s presence as the idea of something seemingly tangible but untouchable, so wonderfully enigmatic that it renders you totally captivated and eager to hook her gaze. Those R&B aficionados out there will see the parallells here and how it was indeed Aaliyah’s ”grounded mysticism”, that’s encapsulated in this track, which elevated her music, and not just the top-notch production and her rapturous vocals.

The track’s taken from Katy B’s new EP, Danger, which also features collaborations with Diplo, Jacques Greene, Iggy Azalea, Zinc and Wiley.

You can download the EP for free via Katy B Official 

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