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Thursday, 20 December 2012


Lookout for lions
For almost 50 years the Wildlife Photographer of the Year  awards has graced London’s Natural History Museum, showcasing an array of artistic talent whilst inspiring and encouraging us amateurs to pick up a camera. The first contest, in 1964, had just 3 categories and 600 entries. Today, however, there are 19 categories and entries come in their thousands from all over the world. The exhibition has grown so popular that it now tours Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

All entries at the exhibition this year were breathtaking, incredibly detailed and others so dangerous close to wildlife that you simply cannot believe your eyeballs. The photographer’s courage and dedication to their craft is so captivating and exhilarating that’s it’s a struggle to believe that non of the photographs are digitally manipulated.

The exhibition is one of the artistic highlights of the year and if you haven’t already been then relish the chance before it closes in March. The beauty here is how each image exhibits iconic, nature photography that’s exceptional to almost an unfathomable level. We’re totally enamoured by the craftsmanship here that we’d probably give our right arm to have one of this eye-grabbing images emblazoned on one of our modal t-shirts.
Here’s the list of categories and winners/commended photographs from this year’s exhibition:

* Nature In Black & WhiteSpecially Commended- Lookout for Lions by Charlie Hamilton James (UK) [above]

Wildlife Photojournalist of the YearWinner: The Tiger’s Tale by Steve Winter (USA) [below]
The Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered WildlifeWinner – Dog Days by Kim Wolhurter (South Africa) [below]
Dog days
The World In Our Hands AwardWinner – Ice Matters by Anna Henly (UK) [below]
Ice matters
Behaviour: BirdsWinner – Frozen Moment by Paul Nicklen (Canada) [below]
Frozen moment
Animal PortraitsCommended – Relaxation by Jasper Doest (Netherlands) [below]
Urban Wildlife
Specially Commended – Midnight Snack by Alexander Badyaev (Russia/USA) [below]
Midnight snack
Animals in their Environment
Winner – Living On Thin Ice by Ole Jørgen Liodden (Norway)
Living on thin ice
Tickets prices 
Adult  £10, Concessions/Children £5, Free for members and children under 3.
The exhibition runs until 3rd of March 2013 

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