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Thursday, 20 December 2012


Arteecollage women's tunic, womens vest, women's leggings

‘Party Perfect’, by Sophie Mayanne

As more and more days are teased open on the Christmas advent calendar, the day is drawing closer, eyes glisten with excitement and the high streets shine with an abundance of decorations, gleaming lights and tinsel.

Christmas is coming, the party season of all seasons. So how can you face the 12 days of Christmas stylishly and sparkle your way to the top of the best dressed less this Christmas?

With cocktail parties, dinners with the family, the all favourite work Christmas party and New Years following around the corner, there are a multitude of events for the modern socialite to attend in style.

For me personally, I like to pick out a selection of items that I can style differently for each occasion, items that can be reworked in a way time and time again to make you the star of that all-important party, or catch the eye of that gorgeous ‘New guy’ at the work-do.

So what key additions do you add to your wardrobe to see you through the party season?

Arteecollage have an array of subtle wardrobe additions that can be styled efficiently for social events or dressed down for low- key dinners, or drinks with friends.  I personally would select three items to see me through the festive season. Firstly, the white t-shirt - the ultimate staple for monochrome chic or to accompany any statement piece. Secondly, black leggings. Ultimately comfortable and versatile- these will also work with any eye catching party-season piece. And thirdly, the asymmetric, single sleeved modal dress.

With these foundations from Arteecollage , you can build any outfit  around them that is perfect for the twilight hours visiting that new bar that’s just opened, or for coffee, cake and secret santa with friends on a winter afternoon.

Next, select eye catching additions to accompany Arteecollage’s wardrobe basics – at this point you can go as extreme as you want- as the selection from Arteecollage offer so much versatility, the choices are endless.
Arteecollage partydress
For my standout pieces I’ve selected:

1. A blazer or a jacket. Teamed with Arteecollage’s leggings and white t-shirt, you have a classic monochrome look that is effortlessly chic. Sometimes simplicity is key in styling and achieving that party-perfect look. If jackets aren’t in your comfort zone, blouses open can also give a casual, chic edge to your outfit.

2. A statement necklace or collar. This immediately improves the appearance of an outfit, giving it an extra edge of glamour and sophistication.

3. A pair of heels. Opt for a pair that work with everything. Black or Nudes are safe options that can look sophisticated, sexy or urban- and work well in combination with Arteecollage’s leggings for an elongated leg.

4. A clutch. No party outfit is completed without a clutch- a necessity as well as a style statement.

5. Lastly, add a statement skirt into the mix- alongside Arteecollage’s white vest it will help to create a balanced, eye catching outfit. For more of an urban take on this outfit style with a leather jacket.

So for that party- perfect look start the foundations of your outfit with Arteecollage. With strong, versatile items to help form the basis of your wardrobe, you can then create any look imaginable. So turn heads this party season with Arteecollage and these statement party pieces.

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