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Thursday, 17 January 2013


Artee collage picture two-Menswear

“Fashion Savvy: Dressing For Menswear Collections (LCM)“, by Sophie Mayanne

With 48 designers showcasing hours of work, intuition and creativity over the next three days, London’s going to flourish as a home to the hottest ready-to-wear and accessories collections. With such prolific innovation, this season’s Menswear collections are sure to make their mark in sartorial history.

All eyes are on the fashion world to mark the first day of London Collections and whether you’re attending shows consecutively, or eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of your favourite designer, do not underestimate the importance of your outfit.

So what failsafe options are available for you to wear at shows?

Whether it’s Agi & Sam or KTZ that are top of your most-loved and inspiring designers’ list,Arteecollage offer wardrobe essentials that can be moulded and styled to express your own personality whilst looking immaculate enough to warrant being hounded by street style enthusiasts.

Arteecollage have an ace selection of eye catching printed T-shirts for men, and are particularly stylish if you define yourself as a creative individual. If printed T-shirts aren’t your forte, Arteecollage also has classic V-neck and Modal Crew tee shirts - a flattering piece on all shapes and sizes.  Combine either of these items with black jeans and a jacket to achieve the ultimate urban street chic aesthetic.  For an alternative twist, combine a casual Arteecollage T-shirt with a suit to add an unexpected, on-trend charm.

Starting with the Arteecollage asymmetric Modal T-shirt in a soft grey – an invaluable, versatile wardrobe addition.  Then choose either a pair of statement, printed trousers or an elaborate necklace to offset the simple elegance of the woman’s top. When choosing your ‘key statement piece’ remember to opt for something that reflects your personality. Complete the look by adding a jacket – be it a blazer, wool coat or more edgy biker jacket – whichever reflects your style.

Colour popping also continues to be a trend, and adding colour to an outfit helps to define your style. This could be demonstrated in your choice of footwear, handbag or accessories. Alternatively Arteecollage have an array of bold modal tops, tunics and vests.

So if you’re attending a show at the London Menswear’s collections, just follow these simple rules to create a look that defines your style.
  1. Choose a basic item to form the foundation of your outfit – Arteecollage offers a selection of items that are versatile and so the possibilities are endless
  2. Chose a statement piece for your outfit – be it a glittery skirt, dramatic high heels or intricate jewellery – something that is eye catching.
  3. Style your outfit in a way that represents you as an individual- show your personality and be as inventive as you like
  4. Perfect your alluring smile (or at least don your best pout) – there are cameras everywhere
- Sophie Mayanne

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