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Thursday, 31 January 2013


Women's arteecollage black and white t-shirt tank crew

‘Essential Spring Trends: Arteecollage Mono-Contrast’, by Sophie Mayanne 

Seen in mainline New York in the Marc Jacobs collection, monochrome is back, in all its glory.
key trend for this spring, be it the cropped monochromatic jacket seen by  Chanel in Paris, orgraphic simplicity in Jil Sander’s collection – the trend is an eye catching statement which can be difficult to master. The balance is easy to tip into disastrous territory – either too much white or too much black.

So how can you wear this trend?

Arteecollage offer a range of functional and essential wardrobe basics for women that can see you through the monochrome trend- and into seasons beyond. Designed with silky, modal fabric, their urban-inspired clothing offers a luxurious and comfortable feel – a perfect styling starting point for this trend.

Start with the simplest wardrobe basics in black and white- vest topst-shirtslong sleeved tops. All of these offer the versatility needed to carry off a trend well – it is easy to forget that the “must have” new top and trousers from a ridiculously priced designer line don’t necessarily work together. It may have fooled you on the catwalk, but it doesn’t mean it should appear on the street.
Now you have your basics sorted, you can bring more clothing into the mix:
  1. A cropped jacket – if you are going to invest in any jacket this season, the cropped jacket is the definite answer. Trending across all of the fashion weeks, it is set to be a wardrobe staple for spring. Go one step further and chose yours in a monochromatic print to achieve two trends in one! 
  2. The black skater skirt- an infallible wardrobe item that is winter and spring worthy- not to mention flattering. Style with heels for a sophisticated vibe or with converse for an urban edge
  3. Jeans – these are, of course, quite possibly the ultimate wardrobe staple, and chances are you probably already have a pair to match the trend. Keep things simple and combine your pair with one of Arteecollage’s modal racer back tank tops for an effortlessly chic look
  4. A chiffon blouse – shirts are a wardrobe piece that can be styled to look ultra- feminine, tomboyish or simplified for daily wear. Pair your blouse with the black skater skirt for the ultimate Friday night look, or with a pair of Arteecollage’s leggings for the ‘model off duty’ image
So for those of you with a trend-setting eye, start with Arteecollage’s versatile wardrobe basics to coax you to sartorial delight. With their versatile women’s collection, it acts as an investment for this season, and then will endure for future collections. With these clothing foundations you can build the perfect mono-contrast look that sends your style rating to a 10/10.

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