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Friday, 12 October 2012


Turn any corner in Sheffield city and you cannot escape the wildly imaginative street art of British artist Phlegm. Not only available ooop North in his original homeland of Sheffield, his work can be found across the world, with everywhere from New York to Ireland and London hosting his contemporary urban art.

For many reasons Phlegm is making inroads in the world of graffiti and street art, so much so he wants us to read and see everything about his work in a portable form. The elusive artist, whose style is also akin to graphic-styled creations, is currently working on new drawings for a book that will be released soon. For examples of his work that is inspiring nations, scroll below:
Up until recently Phlegm had never expanded his artist talents to New York City. Then he went a crafted three colossal paintings in a playground in Chelsea, and added a lively figure to Know Hope’s mural (below). The three pieces each stand about 9 metres tall, and feature lanky, hunched-over figures operating obscurely intriguing machinery.
Mind-blowingly abstract, yet slightly alluring, we can almost imagine this art comes to life once nighttime arrives. It’s so distinctive and playful and would look ultra enchanting festooned onto one of our tees.
Crazy cool and innovative art
Phlegm street art, Manchester
The surreal tendencies of Phlegm’s distinctive artwork is pertinent in the image taken from Sheffield’s city centre (above). His mantra perfectly blends a dreamlike world of mystery with elements of reality. You cannot help but feel a subtle connection to each creative piece due to the humanistic qualities of each character Phlegm masterfully depicts.

Check out this video of the artist painting in the Irish town of Bantry. Engage throughout the clip and presented before you will be a series of striking murals in his trademark palette of black and white.

Filmed and edited by Colm Rooney:

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