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Monday, 22 October 2012


Creating urban chic, but with an effortlessly elegant approach, is what we take pride in at Arteecollage. Our splendid range of modal tees are quietly unique, with their subtle twists on a faithful wardrobe staple. Nowhere is this more evident than with our asymmetric neckline on the ‘mysterious tee’. Available in a wonderful range of hues such as neutral beige and tomato red, compiling a contemporary look has never been more fun with our collection. Here’s how our lovely blogger Emma Salter wore her ATC tee.

‘Arteecollage: Chic Style’ by Emma Salter

Today I’m wearing this chic Modal fabric red tee from the Arteecollage range, and teaming it with my lovely pink frill hem mini skirt from the Topshop sale, my floral Dr Martins and my urban mirror stud clutch from Miss Selfridge (pictured above)

The great thing about Arteecollage is that all their garments are crafted in pure and flowing modal fabric. This design glides on the skin like silk and creates a classic look with its feminine asymmetrical neckline! My mother always told me never to wear red and pink together as they clash, but the rich red tone in this tee offers a dark and mysterious style making it ideal for adapting to multiple seasons and styles.

Finishing off my chic outfit, I am wearing a quirky contemporary moustache necklace from New Look.

Red Top: Arteecollage, £35Pink Skirt: Topshop, £15Moustache necklace: New Look, £12Mirror stud clutch: Miss Selfridge, £38
This ‘Mysterious Tee’ is your perfect staple for an urban chic outfit and, thanks to the Modal fabric creating a silky classic smart casual look, I will be able to wear it with anything as it is so comfortable and chic! It is rare to find a basic tee that still makes you feel elegant and feminine. Once you feel the luxury quality of this tee, you will never want to shop high-street basics again!

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- Emma Salter

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