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Friday, 12 October 2012


The beauty of our versatile and basic tees means they can take you from daytime elegance at the office, to evening chic with the help of just a few accessories. See our smart casual tees’ effortless ability to transform a  style for yourself with the aid of Lucia Cabanova’s sartorial eye. 

‘Heading to a gig and not sure what to wear?’, by Lucia Cabanova 

It usually gets pretty hot and sweaty at these sorts of events, so it’s not easy to find comfortable clothes that don’t leave you feeling completely drenched after two hours of dancing and screaming in the crowd. The thing is you still want to look stylish and cool, so unexciting sports clothes certainly aren’t the way to go.
Thankfully, there is a solution! I suggest you go for the basic short-sleeved Glory Tee from Arteecollage, a slim fit that feels very soft against the body due to its Modal fabric. Not only is it very comfortable, but the grey colour with a combination of the asymmetrical neckline adds a certain edge and luxury to this particular staple garment.

I think that the Glory Tee is the ideal base on which you can build up your rockier, edgier and cooler approach. Simply wear it with a black maxi skirt- I suggest sheer for practical and trendy reasons- you don’t want to be completely covered up from head to toe either. It’s important to keep some sexiness within the outfit, even when you’re going for the effortless look.

To emphasise the tougher attitude I like to wear a chain necklace over my Glory Tee, a black studded biker jacket and comfortable boots to easily move around whilst having fun and enjoying great music!
So if you’re heading out to a concert or just feeling stylish but practical at the same time, start shopping for your own Glory Tee on Ebay for £11, or check out the sale on Amazon where you can currently get it for only £10.50!I think it’s definitely worth it if you want to have a quality piece of clothing that you can easily combine with a variety of garments and create your own style whilst feeling great due to the soft, silk-like Modal material.

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-Xxx L.C.

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