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Monday, 8 October 2012


Hark now, would you believe that it’s nearly nine weeks until we wake up each morning to a chocolate from a cardboard advent calendar? YIKES. No matter if you want to escape it or embrace it, Christmas is coming. And with that we have office party after office party, which means only one thing – getting toned, buffed and looking fine in that LBD. We’re not ones for succumbing to the confines of a gym, we’re more outdoorsy and more active when we’re not enclosed. Running, outdoor pilates, hockey and even football are among our faves to do. But what to wear you ask? Let blogger Aimee Long be your guide.

Hockey attire with Arteecollege’, by Aimee Long 

Although I’m a fashion student, fashion blogger and general fashion obsessor, I do enjoy a spot of sport. Juxtaposing to my overall aesthetic, I am a keen hockey player and have played since the age of eleven. For matches we are all suited and booted, with our team uniform, but there is always a wonder  on what to wear to practices that can also adapt to wear after the match.

No one wears the typical tight lycra bottoms or tops to the weekly practice, what’s more efficient is adopting a more slouchy, comfortable approach for extra flexibility. Recently, I have been wearing Arteecollage’s Marine Blue Hoodie, the ‘Off Duty Aesthetic’.
Taken from their range of sports luxe apparel, it’s a great and soft garment that’s durable, comfortable and made out of the highly sought after Modal material. It’s a slim-fitting and natural garment and achieves a smart casual look upon each wear. What’s more is that even after a few washes the hoodie has kept its shape extremely well and does not disappoint in keeping me warm.

Now priced at £24.00, from £41.66, it is a basic wardrobe necessity that’s super versatile. Get yours from Arteecollage’s online store

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- Aimee Long

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