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Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Sometimes you just want to sling on a pair of casual but cool leggings. With jeans can come tightness of the thighs and – god forbid if we’ve overdone it on the digestives – belly bulge. And with high waisted shorts the issue repeats. Tis’ times like these when no longer is anything more comfortable than your loyal leggings. But with Arteecollage you can inject some artistic calibre into a relaxed look with our printed leggings.  

‘ArteeCollage Urban Chic Leggings – Tattoo Cred Without The Pain’, by Sarah Maybank

Who’s your tattoo alter-ego? Angelina Jolie, with her bold religious designs and enigmatic pronouncements in mystical Cambodian script? Kate Moss, whose miniature, retro symbols (swallow, love heart, anchor) sparked a Dalston-goes-nationwide trend? Or Cheryl Cole, whose tattoo parlour should give her a lifetime ban for the sake of her (and their) own credibility – (‘Mrs C’ inked on the back of her neck, a tattoo garter adorning her upper thigh. Yes, really)

Even if you swerve away from the usual suspects like declarations of everlasting love to a commitment-phobe, tattoo selection is still a minefield.

Will yours become a design classic, marking you out as a person of discerning early adopter taste? Or will it be the new tramp stamp or Celtic band – something that’ll drain your shoe and going-out funds dry for the next six months as you get it removed.
Try the sensible option instead: Arteecollage’s Urban Chic leggings. These cool, white garms have a classic design printed on the upper leg, giving you a dash of just-been-inked chic with none of the accompanying pain (or humiliation). They’re made from silky, shape retaining modal fabric — so no baggy knees, and they’ll keep the autumn chills at bay in full fashion forward style.
Wear them with this leather biker jacket by Jofama at Asos (£120) and long, racerback Arteecollage vest, £30, (ticking off the biker and sporty trends simultaneously – clever). Then hop into these shiny Schuh ‘Rupert’ knee boots, (£110) and skip past the laser removal clinic happy in the knowledge your new design lasts just as long as you’ll want it to – and is completely free of charge to remove.
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